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Our Philosophy

We separate ourself from the "one size fits all process" with our consultant approach and unparalleled support. Every environment is unique and that is how we approach each new project. Our commitment to customer service allows us to build long-term relationships with our clients and has set us apart from the rest.

Initial Consultation & Design

During our initial consultation, one of our AV professionals will work with you to listen and analyze your unique presentation needs. Based on these in-depth discussions, we curate a design solution that is customized for your business.

Installation & Integration

Whether you're redesigning your current space or are moving into a new space, we will coordinate with you along with any architects, GCs, and interior designers for a seamless integration process.


An AV system is only effective when it is operated by users who know how to utilize it properly. We provide proper training on every system we install. We will help you embrace your new technology and start using it immediately.

Ongoing Support

Our clients are our top priority. We want you to be satisfied throughout the installation process and after. Our team is available to assist you with any of your technology equipment once the project concludes.

Our History

Integrated Visual Solutions started installing audio and video systems in the corporate space in 2009 and quickly discovered our strength was finding unique solutions to complex audio problems. Our clients had limited budgets, challenging acoustic spaces, and aesthetic constraints. We started designing systems that utilized the latest technology and creative installation approaches, were unique to the space and client's needs, and have built long-lasting relationships with local businesses. We continue to expand our product lineup to keep up with the growing need for the latest audio-visual products.


Our Credo

Business Meeting

What makes our AV systems so amazing is their simplicity. The systems themselves, however, aren’t necessarily very simple – the end user’s experience is. When we design a system, we don’t approach it from the perspective of a fixed project. We design from the perspective of “A System In Use”. It’s not important that the Designer or the Installer can operate the system, it’s important that the end-user can operate the equipment with ease from Day 1.

"Can the manager or “in house” staff easily operate the equipment and troubleshoot problems?"

"Can the system be easily and economically serviced, by any AV Technician?"

"Is the installed system not only aesthetically pleasing, but also user friendly?"

"Can the system be scalable for future needs, without adding significant additional costs?"

These are some of the questions we ask and answer before putting our name on a system.

Technology is completely woven into our lives. When technology does not work, it’s noticeable - and it usually fails at the worst times. But when technology is designed, integrated, and maintained correctly, everything performs smoothly. Integrated Visual Solutions keeps this goal in mind when planning, executing and maintaining our audio-visual solutions. We design to be an essential part of the way you do business.

Our Future

Technology never stops inventing and improving, and neither do we. We provide solutions that are cost-effective and compatible with any legacy equipment to keep construction costs down. We work with GCs and ECs to ensure the project fits seamlessly within their budgets and timelines to help them make their customers even happier.

Integrated Visual Solutions is a company built almost exclusively on word of mouth. Our clients are always satisfied and return to us time and again with new projects. Our core experience is in the Corporate, K-12, Healthcare, and House of Worship industries, however we are not limited to these four verticals. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation! We look forward to doing business with you!

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